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Tours & Excursions in Puerto Escondido

🌴 Dive into the heart of Puerto Escondido and explore the wonders of this vibrant coastal town with our top-rated tours ! 🌊

From the thrill of surfing to the serenity of sunset boat trips, we’ve got something for every adventurer. Book your unforgettable Puerto Escondido Tours now! ☀️



Why Choose Our Tours in Puerto Escondido?

Choosing the right tour can make all the difference in your adventure. At our Puerto Escondido Tours, we go above and beyond to ensure every experience is unique, safe, and memorable. Here’s why our tours stand out and why you should explore Puerto Escondido with us! 🌟

Experience and Expertise

Our local guides are seasoned experts who know the ins and outs of Puerto Escondido. With years of experience, they offer in-depth knowledge about the area, ensuring you have an authentic and enriching experience. Whether you’re navigating the waves of Zicatela Beach 🏄‍♂️ or exploring the lush jungles 🌿, our guides provide insights and stories that you won’t find in any guidebook.


Diverse Range of Activities

Whether you’re into water sports 🌊, wildlife 🐾, or cultural experiences 🎭, we offer a tour that’s perfect for you. From adrenaline-pumping surfing lessons and serene dolphin watching tours to immersive cultural food tours 🍲, our wide range of activities caters to all interests and ages. Each tour is designed to highlight the unique beauty and culture of Puerto Escondido, ensuring there’s something for everyone.


Commitment to Safety 

Your safety is our top priority. All our tours are conducted with the highest safety standards. Our guides are trained in first aid and emergency response, and we use top-quality equipment that is regularly maintained. We also provide safety briefings before each tour to ensure you’re fully prepared and can enjoy your adventure with peace of mind. 🌿


Personalized Service

We pride ourselves on offering personalized service tailored to your needs. Whether you’re a solo traveler 🧳, a couple 💑, or a family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦, we customize our tours to suit your preferences and interests. Our small group sizes ensure you get individual attention, making your experience more intimate and memorable.


Environmental Responsibility

We are committed to protecting the natural beauty of Puerto Escondido. Our tours are designed to minimize environmental impact, and we actively participate in local conservation efforts. By choosing our tours, you’re supporting sustainable tourism practices that help preserve the area’s ecosystems for future generations.


Local Partnerships

We collaborate with local businesses and communities to offer authentic experiences. Our partnerships with local artisans, farmers, and cultural centers mean you get a genuine taste of Puerto Escondido’s heritage. This not only enriches your experience but also supports the local economy and promotes cultural preservation. 🤝

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About Our Tours

Puerto Escondido is a natural paradise offering a variety of activities to immerse yourself in its beauty. Our tours provide a gateway to the region’s rich ecosystems, flora and fauna, main attractions, and local culture. We’ve partnered with local experts to bring you the most enriching experiences.

popular tours

Popular Tours in Puerto Escondido

Explore our most popular tours that capture the essence of Puerto Escondido! From thrilling water adventures to relaxing wildlife encounters, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. 🌴

Surfing Lessons 🏄‍♂️

Catch the best waves in Zicatela Beach! Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced surfer, our instructors will guide you through the perfect waves.


  • Personalized instruction
  • All equipment provided
  • Access to the best surf spots


Dolphin Watching Tours 🐬

Experience the magic of seeing dolphins in their natural habitat. Our morning tours take you out on the Pacific, where dolphins often play in the wake of the boat.


  • Spectacular morning views
  • Educational insights about marine life
  • Small group sizes for an intimate experience


Turtle Release 🐢

Join us in this unforgettable experience of releasing baby turtles into the ocean. This tour is perfect for families and animal lovers.


  • Learn about sea turtle conservation
  • Hands-on participation in turtle release
  • Beautiful beach setting at sunset
iguanas la ventanilla

Wildlife Oriented Tours

Immerse yourself in the diverse wildlife of Puerto Escondido with our specially designed tours. Discover the rich ecosystems and encounter various species in their natural habitats. 🦜

Whale Watching Tour 🐋

See the majestic humpback whales from November to March. Witness these gentle giants in their natural habitat.


  • Expert guidance on whale behaviors
  • Stunning views of the Pacific Ocean
  • Small group sizes for an intimate experience


Crocodile Watching 🐊

Explore the fascinating world of crocodiles in their natural habitat. This tour offers a unique glimpse into the life of these ancient reptiles.


  • Safe and guided experience
  • Learn about crocodile conservation
  • Scenic boat ride through crocodile territory


Bird Watching in Laguna Manialtepec 🦜

Perfect for nature enthusiasts, this tour takes you through the diverse ecosystem of Laguna Manialtepec, home to numerous bird species.


  • Early morning departure for best sightings
  • Expert birding guide
  • Peaceful boat ride through the lagoon
hiking jungle

Sports Oriented Tours

For the adventurous spirits who love to interact with nature, our sports-oriented tours offer thrilling experiences. Get active and explore the beautiful landscapes of Puerto Escondido. 🌿

Hot Springs Hike 🥾

Hike to natural hot springs and unwind in the warm waters. This tour combines adventure and relaxation in a beautiful setting.


  • Guided hike through scenic trails
  • Relaxing soak in natural hot springs
  • Opportunities to see local wildlife


Horseback Riding Tours 🐎

Ride through beautiful landscapes and enjoy the stunning scenery of Puerto Escondido. This tour is perfect for horse lovers and nature enthusiasts.


  • Guided horseback ride
  • Suitable for all experience levels
  • Explore beaches, forests, and hills


Sport Fishing 🎣

Experience the thrill of sport fishing in the rich waters of the Pacific Ocean. Our experienced captains know the best spots to catch marlin, tuna, and more.


  • All fishing gear provided
  • Professional guidance
  • Keep your catch or release
cultural tour

Cultural Oriented Tours

Immerse yourself in the rich Oaxacan culture with our specially designed tours. Explore the traditions, flavors, and vibrant history that make this region unique. 🎉

Mezcal Tasting Tour 🍹

Discover the flavors of authentic mezcal. Visit local distilleries, learn about the production process, and enjoy tastings of this iconic Mexican spirit.


  • Guided tour of mezcal distilleries
  • Learn about mezcal production
  • Tasting sessions with various mezcal types


Salsa and Mezcal Tour 💃

Learn to dance salsa and enjoy mezcal tasting. This fun and interactive tour combines two of Mexico’s most beloved cultural elements.


  • Salsa dance lesson
  • Mezcal tasting session
  • Fun and lively atmosphere


Traditional Food Tour 🍲

Dive into the rich flavors of Oaxacan cuisine. Visit local markets, cook with traditional ingredients, and enjoy a meal with your new friends.


  • Market tour with a local guide
  • Hands-on cooking class
  • Delicious meal included

Our Private Experiences

Didn’t find what you are looking for in our adventures ? Take a look at our amazing experiences in Puerto Escondido ! Romantic picnics, paintball, surf, mezcal tasting, traditional food class & more…

More Reviews

Family Fun on the Ocean

Our family had an incredible time on the fishing tour in Puerto Escondido. It was not only a great fishing experience but also a wonderful bonding time for us. The kids loved it, and we all enjoyed a delicious seafood meal afterward. Thank you for making our vacation special!

Maria Garcia,

Mexico City, Mexico

Fantastic Tour!

The dolphin watching tour exceeded our expectations. The captain and crew were friendly, and we spotted dolphins leaping in the crystal-clear waters. A fantastic adventure!

Michael Smith,

London, UK

A Must-Do Activity in Puerto Escondido

If you're visiting Puerto Escondido, the Turtle Release Experience is an absolute must-do. It's not only an educational and heartwarming experience, but it also supports a great cause. The sunset on the secret beach was the cherry on top!

Carlos Rodriguez,

Mexico City - Mexico

Booked Again for Next Year!

This whale-watching tour was so incredible that I booked it again for next year before even leaving Puerto Escondido! The combination of marine life encounters, informative guides, and the sheer beauty of the ocean made it a repeat-worthy experience. If you're in Puerto Escondido, don't miss out on this adventure!

Juan C,

Monterrey - Mexico

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