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 Puerto Escondido is a city located on the coast of the State of Oaxaca, in the west of the Mexican country, on the Pacific Ocean. Before becoming one of the main tourist attractions in the Latin American country, Puerto Escondido was simply a fishing village. A small place with dirt and sand streets, the cradle of great fishermen. As the years passed, this place grew. Then, in addition to being a town renowned for its fishing activity, it became a famous

 Mexico has more than 7,800 kilometers of coastline that overlook the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of California. And this only on one side! If we count the kilometers of coastline that overlook the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico, we are talking about more than 11,000 kilometers of pure sea, beach, palm trees and dreamlike landscapes. How to know which beaches to visit with so many kilometers of coastline? It is normal to feel overwhelmed having so many options to

 Did you know that more than 80% of the oceans remain unexplored by humans?We have been to the Moon more times than to the bottom of the sea. This is due to the complexity of underwater mapping. Fortunately, the 20% that we do know and have been able to explore, has been a great wonder for us to learn about and admire the ecosystems that are housed in the deep waters that surround our homes. From what we know, it is known

 The city of Puerto Escondido, located on the coast of the state of Oaxaca, which borders the Pacific Ocean, is one of the main tourist places that has been selected among the best places to vacation in many magazines and internet tourism portals. Due to different situations such as the arrival of Covid-19, among others, this jewel of the Mexican Pacific has been positioning itself as one of the main vacation spots. Both locals and foreigners choose Puerto Escondido either to

 Do you know that if there were no turtles in the oceans, we wouldn't be able to swim? This is because they are in charge of controlling the populations of poisonous jellyfish and waters that are bad for our health. However, this is not the only reason why turtles are so important in marine ecosystems. In addition, they are in charge of regulating many cycles of nature of which various living beings are a part, essential for the conservation of the

 The Pacific Ocean hides endless treasures and marine life that is a great attraction for anyone who enjoys nature, in its wildest and most natural state. Little is known about the deep sea, but we have learned some things over time, thanks to the advancement of science and its research. From colorful corals, all kinds of algae, to the largest animals on the planet, the ocean is home to a wealth that we can rarely enjoy. Not in all parts of

 If you are one of the people who loves nature, adventure and being in contact with animals, then surely you have considered doing a horseback riding activity on your next vacation. And if it is not yet within your options, then surely by the end of this article, it will be. Most people believe that tourist places that have a beach or face the coast only offer activities related to the sea and water sports, or nightlife. However, it is not

 Two coastal locations. Two beach destinations. Two towns facing the Pacific Ocean in Mexico. Two destinations chosen by tourists. Two surf spots: Sayulita and Puerto Escondido. What differentiates these two destinations? In this article we share the main characteristics of one and the other so that, when planning your vacation, you know which places in Mexico to visit.  Puerto Escondido From bottom to top, the first destination we come across is Puerto Escondido. A small town of surfers and fishermen that moves

 Taking vacations in a country that has more than 10,000 kilometers of coastline is a great success, but it requires us to choose which of those thousands of coastal kilometers we want to visit. Rest days are generally between 2 and 4 weeks. It’s very difficult to travel ten thousand kilometers of beach during that short period. A first decision may be to choose between visiting the coast that borders the Atlantic Ocean, including the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean

 The Mexican Pacific coast has a special air. Its jungle landscapes, its tumultuous seas and its variety of styles and cultures attract tourists from all over the world to travel its endless routes in search of new and great adventures to get to know Mexico at its best. There are many kilometers that separate the north from the south of Mexico on the west coast. Throughout this entire territory, landscapes and destinations change. It is very different to visit the west



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