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Stays in Puerto Escondido

Find the best deals for your stay in Puerto Escondido: Hotels, Hostels, glamping.

After getting a ticket to our next vacation destination, the next thing we do is book our accommodation. One of the priorities of every tourist is to choose a nice place to stay that meets our budget, tastes and travel expectations.

Choosing a place to stay in our next tourist destination can be a bit complicated since, not knowing the area, we can fall into places that are not indicated or that do not meet our requirements. Sometimes the photos are misleading or the information of the places to stay is incomplete.

That is why in this category, we want to provide you with complete and reliable information about the different accommodation options that exist in Puerto Escondido.

It depends on your budget, your travel style or the number of days you spend visiting Puerto Escondido, the best option you decide to make.

In Puerto Escondido you can find accommodation options in large hotels, with all the comforts and views of the sea, to hostels that preserve the simplicity and rusticity of this place.

Among the most popular options to visit Puerto Escondido are hostels, houses published on airbnb and guest houses that are shared houses with common spaces and rooms with private bathrooms.

Another point to take into account when selecting your accommodation is the location. It depends on if you have your own mobility or not. It depends on whether you prefer to be near the beach or further away, the options, as well as the prices, change.

In general, locations near the beach or with ocean views are the most expensive. Although, you can still find accessible options with privileged views or locations with quick access to the beach. In this section you can navigate between the different options offered with reliable and updated information so that your accommodation selection is easier and you can dedicate yourself to enjoying Puerto Escondido from a comfortable and nice place.



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