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Restaurants in Puerto Escondido

Definitely one of the most important aspects when it comes to getting to know a new tourist destination is food. Where to eat, what to eat, prices, opinions, location and the most recommended places. We will provide you with all this information in this section so that you can organize your meals and enjoy the best flavors that Puerto Escondido has to offer.

Like any place that is in full growth, in Puerto Escondido two worlds converge: the local, and the foreign. Being a tourist destination that grows year after year in number of visitors, the gastronomic options have doubled in recent times and there are more and more restaurants and places to eat in Puerto Escondido.

From luxurious restaurants to neighborhood venues, you can find everything in this paradise on the Oaxaca coast.

The State of Oaxaca is one of the most famous states of Mexico for its gastronomic richness. It is said that here you can eat the best tlayudas or the best mole dishes. We recommend you take the opportunity to try the typical local dishes since here you can feel its original flavor.

A curious fact: in Oaxaca it is common to eat insects as snacks. The most typical are the grasshoppers or the Chicatan ants. Would you dare?

You can also find typical dishes from other regions of the world that have decided to bring their flavors to this part of Mexico so that you can vary and enrich your palate. From Peruvian and Asian restaurants to famous Italian-style pizzas, Puerto Escondido offers a varied gastronomic menu to delight your palate.

In this section we want to provide you with the best information about the different food options that you can find in Puerto Escondido.



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