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Looking for something in Puerto Escondido ?

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Tours in Puerto Escondido Home All $MXN1500 Horse riding $MXN800 Whale watching $MXN800 Bio luminescence $MXN700 Sea turtle release $MXN1000 Crocodile watching $MXN6000 Fishing tour $MXN800 Dolphins tour $MXN3500 Skydiving $MXN1100 Mezcal Tour $MXN900 Snorkeling $MXN3000 Scuba diving $MXN600 Paintball Our Experiences... Didn't find what you are looking for in our adventures ? Take a look at our amazing experiences in Puerto Escondido ! Romantic picnics, paintball, surf, mezcal tasting, traditional food class & more... Puerto Escondido Golf $MXN1100 Mezcal [...]

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Experiences in Puerto Escondido Home All $MXN100 Puerto Escondido Muay Thai Box Puerto Escondido Golf Puerto Escondido Surf lessons – Blue beach $MXN3000 La Punta Romantic picnic $MXN600 Paintball $MXN1100 Mezcal Tour Our Adventures... Didn't find what you are looking for in our experiences ? Take a look at our amazing tours in Puerto Escondido ! Whale watching, bioluminescence, horse riding, baby turtle release, dolphins, crocodiles, snorkeling, sky diving & more... $MXN800 Bio luminescence $MXN1000 Crocodile watching $MXN800 Dolphins tour [...]

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Restaurants in Puerto Escondido Home All 12PM - 10PM La Punta Fish Shack 15PM - 11PM La Punta Silvio Navajas 8:30 AM - 11 PM La Punta Espacio Cometa 8AM - 2PM La Punta Barrio Café 9AM - 12PM La Punta Patio Savanna 7AM - 9PM La Punta Amarisa 4PM - 11PM La Punta Pizzeria Il Salento 9AM - 12PM La Punta The Boneyard Lychee El Cafecito Cafeole Pinches Tacos Load More Definitely one of the most important aspects when [...]

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Stays in Puerto Escondido Home All Hostels Hotels La Punta Los Amigos La Punta Experiencia surf camp La Punta Chaak Cabañas Buena Onda Hotel Punta Esmeralda Casa Punta One Love Mondala La Punta Frida Load More Find the best deals for your stay in Puerto Escondido: Hotels, Hostels, glamping. After getting a ticket to our next vacation destination, the next thing we do is book our accommodation. One of the priorities of every tourist is to choose a nice place [...]

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Rentals in Puerto Escondido Home All Four wheels Two wheels $MXN400 Honda Dio 110cc $MXN500 Italika 125cc $MXN1100 Nissan Versa 2021 $MXN1000 Volkswagen Vento 2021 $MXN400 Honda navi 2021 Load More A super important aspect to be able to take advantage of knowing each corner of a travel destination is to know the rental options that we have to move around. Although Puerto Escondido is a small place, there are many places to visit and know. Places that are difficult [...]

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Wellness in Puerto Escondido All $MXN1500 San Jose de Manialtepec Hot springs horseback riding $MXN120 La Punta Yoga with Flo $MXN400 Acroyoga connection $MXN800 Surf with Leo Load More To be able to enjoy a tourist destination well, we have to feel good with ourselves. In order to feel well with ourselves, it is necessary to keep a balance in our body and mind. For that, each one will find his or her methods that best work for them. Maintaining [...]

Do you have questions about your trip to Puerto Escondido?

On this page you will find quality and reliable information to organize your visit: From discovering the activities available in this hidden paradise to where to eat delicious meals or rent your surfboard. Puerto Escondido is a destination that has it all. 

Puerto Escondido (Oaxaca) is a destination you will fall in love with. With its eight magnificent beaches, it’s a perfect spot to work your tanning, but more importantly to improve your surfing skills ! Indeed, Puerto Escondido is famous for its world class waves at Zicatela beach. All year long professional surfers are coming to challenge themselves by surfing Zicatela, which remains in the top 10 of the most dangerous waves in the world. But Puerto Escondido also offers beaches for intermediates in La Punta, and beginners at Carrizarillo beach !

Not interested in surfing ? Puerto Escondido has PLENTY of other activities and beautiful spots to enjoy with your family & friends. You can review all the adventures in Puerto Escondido on our tour listing page. These include releasing baby turtles in the sea, taking a boat tour at night to swim with bioluminescent plankton, having a horse ride tour on the beach, scuba diving & snorkeling, whale watching, dolphin watching, fishing, crocodiles watching, tasting mezcal, skydiving and many more.

Another popular thing to do in Puerto Escondido are activities that help balance your body and mind. You have a lot of yoga schools that offer indoor / outdoor lessons, public or private. You have natural hot springs in a village closeby, that are reputed for their benefits on health. Finally, you can hike in the mountains that are just half an hour from town.

As all of the amazing things to do in Puerto Escondido are not always close by, you might think about renting a vehicle to move from one place to another. You can rent scooters, motorbikes, quads and cars easily in town, or directly through our website in the “rental” section. In that case we will deliver the vehicle straight to your hotel / Airbnb.

Like any other touristic place, Puerto Escondido has a wide range of restaurants with different types of food. You can find Mexican food, Peruvian, Argentinian, and also European, as a lot of expatriates have opened businesses here. We invite you to check the availables restaurants in Puerto Escondido in our “food” section.

Finally, you will find information about where to stay in Puerto Escondido. Hotels, hostels, camping, glamping, are the options you have depending on your budget and the experience you are looking for.

We have established alliances with local partners in the area to guarantee you the best service and attention that you can find in Puerto Escondido.

We want you to focus only on enjoying this amazing place.



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