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Wellness in Puerto Escondido

To be able to enjoy a tourist destination well, we have to feel good with ourselves. In order to feel well with ourselves, it is necessary to keep a balance in our body and mind. For that, each one will find his or her methods that best work for them.

Maintaining a physical and emotional well-being will allow us to enjoy in greater depth and connection the new places that we know.

Puerto Escondido offers interesting wellness options to feel good with ourselves.

Among the main activities to maintain that balance that you can find on this page are: surfing, yoga, gymnastics and martial arts.

One of the most common activities and with more options that you can do in Puerto Escondido is surfing. Surfing is the most popular sport in this place. First of all for its famous surf beach: Zicatela, with waves that in summer can measure up to 15 meters. Do not worry! If you are not an advanced surfer but want to dabble in this sport, there are options for beginners. One of the most popular places to learn to surf is La Punta de Zicatela.

Another of the most popular activities to maintain your physical and mental balance is practicing yoga. Here you have many options to select the best type and style of yoga that suits your tastes and possibilities. From acroyoga, to Kundalini, all types of yoga can be found in Puerto Escondido for you to practice.

If you like to practice gymnastics and exercise daily, you can also maintain your routines by the sea. Not only are there several gyms with traditional machines and classes to take, but there are also training groups and personalized classes with professional trainers. Whatever your decision, you will find options that fit your needs.

Finally, if you prefer something a little less typical but very good to maintain your well-being, you can try taking martial arts classes by the sea, with the best instructors. Martial arts give you strength and balance. A great combo to stay healthy.

On this page you will find all the information necessary to maintain your well-being and to be able to enjoy Puerto Escondido in depth and connection with your potential.



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