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Did you know that the average temperature in Puerto Escondido is 27 Β° C? Here it seems like summer all year round!The climate of Puerto Escondido is warm and subhumid. This means that its seasons are not as marked as in other parts of the world. Here we distinguish more than anything between the dry seasons and the wet seasons. This last one, being the months of rain and intense storms.Being located in a tropical area, in Puerto Escondido you

 If you are one of the curious people who enjoy investigating marine life and aquatic ecosystems, this article will interest you.Snorkeling has become one of the main tourist activities in beach locations. And you wonder why? If you don't know what I'm talking about, I'll explain it to you here: snorkeling is an aquatic activity that involves the use of goggles accompanied by a breathing tube. This equipment allows you to swim, for long periods of time, without getting tired,

 Did you know that the state of Oaxaca (where Puerto Escondido is located) has 482 kilometers of coastline? This means that coastal and beach landscapes abound in this area.Especially in the city of Puerto Escondido and its surroundings, you can find the most beautiful beaches for going for a walk and sightseeing.From the biggest waves for advanced surfers, to clear waters for snorkelling or diving, everything can be found in this increasingly popular tourist destination.Here we will tell you about



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