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Top 5 surf spots in Puerto Escondido

Depending on your expectations, you might want to know the different possibilities you have to practice surf in Puerto Escondido !

Playa Zicatela | Difficulty: very high | Crowd: moderate | Localism: high

The worldclass wave everybody knows about, also called “The Mexican pipeline“. One of the most dangerous beach break worldwide. If you want to surf Zicatela, you need to be prepared and make sure you have the adequate level before paddling out. The spot offers both right and left heavy barrels. During the swell season  (May – September) the wave size generally varies between 2m to 6m ( 7ft to 20ft ) in comparison with the summetime 0m to 3m ( 0ft to 10ft ). Low to moderate offshore winds required. Works best in the morning time ( sunrise to 10AM ). Best tide: low to mid.

La Punta | Difficulty: moderate | Crowd: high | Localism: high

A beautiful point break that offers a perfect left hand wave, in front of all the trendy beach bars of the place. The difficulty can vary from low to high depending on the swell size and orientation. Although it is a perfect spot to work your manoeuvers, the wave delivers some barreling sections in the best days. You can expect 1m to 3m ( 3ft to 10ft ) during the swell season and 0m to 2m ( 0ft to 7ft ) during the rest of the year. Best tide: low to mid.

Carrizalillo | Difficulty: low to intermediate | Crowd: moderate | Localism: moderate

The perfect beginner’s spot ! Playa Carrizalillo offers perfect conditions for beginners to intermediate levels. But you shoudn’t boycot it if you are a good surfer. Indeed, this is a perfect spot to go on the big days. The configuration of the bay drains the swell’s power so you’ll have less size than in the other breaks of the area. You will find a left and right handed wave. The right handed wave is known to be reserved to locals. The left can reach pretty perfect conditions. Better to surf at low tide.

La Barra | Difficulty: intermediate to high | Crowd: Low | Localism: Low

Located in the south of the city, La barra de Colotepec also has its surf break. Go south to the village of La Barra de colotepec, all the way down to the beach, next to the river. There you will find a heavy beach break that can deliver lots of barrels with offshore winds. People tend to avoid this spot during the rainy season as it connects with the river which is known to host number of crocodiles. During the dry season the river doesn’t connect to the ocean which makes it safer. Best tide: low to mid.

Punta colorada | Difficulty: intermediate to high | Crowd: Low to moderate | Localism: moderate

BODYBOARDS ONLY – This break is located at the north of the city, pretty much in front of the airport. It is a heavy beach break next to a beautiful point called Colorada. The wave is known to be too fast for surfers but ideal to get barreled bodyboarding.


To conclude Puerto Escondido has it all ! From beginners spots to only professionals breaks, you will find the surf spot that fits you. Also keep in mind that there are plenty of others surf spots around Puerto Escondido, with few or no crowds at all !

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