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Why do turtles arrive at Puerto Escondido?

Why do turtles arrive at Puerto Escondido?


Do you know that if there were no turtles in the oceans, we wouldn’t be able to swim? This is because they are in charge of controlling the populations of poisonous jellyfish and waters that are bad for our health. However, this is not the only reason why turtles are so important in marine ecosystems.


In addition, they are in charge of regulating many cycles of nature of which various living beings are a part, essential for the conservation of the oceans and seas.


These cold-blooded reptiles that lived with the dinosaurs and existed more than 100 million years ago, are currently in a state of danger of extinction. Your protection is essential. Sea turtles survived many of the great environmental changes and various threats such as illegal hunting of their eggs or the use of their skins for industrial products. Today there is already much more awareness about the issue and the main places that serve as nests for these animals have become large animal protection sanctuaries.


Puerto Escondido, in the State of Oaxaca, Mexico, is one of the favorite places for sea turtles. There are eight types throughout the planet and seven of them reach the Mexican coast. More precisely, species known as golfinas (the most common), the prieta or black, the hawksbill and the leatherback (the largest) arrive in the State of Oaxaca.


The two most important beaches in the world for the conservation of these marine species are very close to Puerto Escondido and are the beaches of Escobilla and Playa de Morro Ayuta. Both beaches receive a total of more than 2 million adult turtles a year that come to lay their eggs in large groups. This phenomenon is known as the arrivals. Many tourists choose to visit Puerto Escondido to be able to witness this magical experience of nature.


Spawning occurs between the months of July to December. The females, who are the only ones that come out of the sea, wait for the phases of the moon (it is estimated that they come out on a new moon) to make their way on the beach until they find a safe place to lay their eggs. With their hind legs, they dig a hole of approximately 45 centimeters in which to bury their eggs. They can spawn up to 100 eggs. Then, they cover it with their feet and immediately return to the sea. The show lasts about 1 hour in total. Forty-five days later, the baby turtles hatch to go out to sea to meet their mothers.


Adult turtles always return to the same place where they were born. That is why there are still many turtles that return to the beaches of Puerto Escondido to spawn, and so on with the following generations.


The phenomenon of the arrivals, the spawning and the births of sea turtles, are a great tourist attraction for people who decide to take their holidays along the coast of Oaxaca. It is important to know and learn about the subject and the best way to witness these acts of nature, to contribute positively to the conservation of these ancient sea turtles. Its correct protection guarantees the continuity of Puerto Escondido as an ecotourism destination.


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