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Did you know that coffee is one of the 3 most consumed beverages in the world?The vast majority of adults, regardless of their social class, culture or economic position, like coffee.Coffee is a drink that is obtained from the coffee tree. Its fruits are ground and roasted and thus the famous coffee bean is obtained.There are different ways and times to drink coffee. Some prefer it in the morning, others for after meals, or many simply to generate conversation.Coffee has

 Food occupies one of the main points to take into account when choosing a tourist destination to spend the holidays.We all have to eat, and if we make eating a sensory experience that transcends us, much better!In Puerto Escondido there are several and diverse options to choose from when it comes to eating. Elegant high-level restaurants, typical food places or rustic beach bars, you can find everything in this popular coastal town.Here we select our top 10 restaurants to eat



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