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Dolphins and Whales in Puerto Escondido

Dolphins and Whales in Puerto Escondido


The Pacific Ocean hides endless treasures and marine life that is a great attraction for anyone who enjoys nature, in its wildest and most natural state. Little is known about the deep sea, but we have learned some things over time, thanks to the advancement of science and its research.


From colorful corals, all kinds of algae, to the largest animals on the planet, the ocean is home to a wealth that we can rarely enjoy. Not in all parts of the world is it possible to know about marine life. And if possible, it is always necessary to do it with locals or activities that allow you to get closer to this fabulous ecosystem.


In Puerto Escondido, a city located on the coast of the State of Oaxaca, in the south west of Mexico, there are diverse and different activities that can be carried out to delve into the wonders of the Pacific Ocean. Many tourists visit this place in search of a well-deserved rest, paradisiacal beaches and quality time.


Among the vast range of tourist activities that Puerto Escondido has to offer, boat rides stand out. These tours, leaving from the Main Bay, generally at sunrise or sunset, offer sightings of the most spectacular marine fauna.


And what can you find in this sea? The highlights: dolphins and whales. Along the coast of Oaxaca, it is possible to come across different types of dolphins and whales that travel the waters in search of a little attention, as well as food and safe places to have their young, during times of migration.


Dolphins of Puerto Escondido

There are 5 kinds of dolphins that you can find in Puerto Escondido if you take the boat ride:


  • Pink dolphin: it is in danger of extinction, so it is very important not to hinder its survival and support initiatives that seek to keep the species alive. It can also be found in freshwater. It can weigh more than 180 kilograms and measure up to 2.5 meters. As a distinctive character, adults acquire a pink color, more accentuated in males.


  • Bottlenose Dolphin: It is the most common and well-known species of dolphin. In the wild, these dolphins live in groups of up to 10 or 12 individuals. They live in warm seas and are characterized by their intelligence and sociable nature.


  • Tropical spotted dolphin: as its name indicates, it is found in temperate and tropical zones. This species was threatened after the death of thousands of specimens in fishing nets. They can measure up to 2.5 meters and weigh around 120 kilograms.


  • Common dolphin: they are generally smaller in size than other species of the family. Their color is dark gray and they are characterized by their great intelligence and their fantastic jumps that manage to attract the attention of anyone who is nearby.


  • Spinner dolphin: also known as “long-snouted acrobat”. It is a small dolphin famous for its acrobatic jumps that involve turns on its longitudinal axis while passing through the air. Quite a show!


Whales in Puerto Escondido:


In Puerto Escondido, during the year-end season and until February, it is possible to observe the passage of humpback whales, which migrate in search of warm waters to have their calves.


These whales, commonly known as humpback whales, are among the largest species on the planet. Adults are between 12 and 16 meters long and can weigh up to 36,000 kilograms. Running into one of them in the middle of the ocean is an experience you will remember all your life.


Humpback whales possess a distinctive body shape and are also great acrobats. For what is usually common to be able to appreciate its jumps where the water collides with its rear, generating a particular wave.


They can be found in different seas and oceans around the world and sometimes travel more than 20 thousand kilometers during their migrations.


The marine life that Puerto Escondido offers is not to be ignored!


If your next visit is to this coastal paradise, don’t hesitate to take a boat ride to appreciate these wonders of nature up close.


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