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What to do in Puerto Escondido during Covid

What to do in Puerto Escondido during Covid

The pandemic has become part of our daily lives for more than a year. Since the Covid appeared among us, we have been constantly subjected to different measures and restrictions that are imposed on us to guarantee the health and well-being of the general population, in order to avoid more deaths and infections.


Since the global health emergency was declared, each country could choose whether or not to apply the measures suggested by the WHO and the scientific community to contain infections and the spread of the virus. Mexico has been one of the countries with the least restrictions and the most freedoms. Because of its political and ideological leanings, this country has rarely gone into extreme confinement or major bans. However, it is not exempt from what is happening and it is also affected by infections and consequences of the virus. This is why Mexico currently has a red traffic light in almost all of its territory.


What does this mean?

“The Epidemiological Risk Stoplight to move towards a new normal is a monitoring system for the regulation of the use of public space according to the risk of contagion of COVID-19. This traffic light will be state and is made up of four colors: red, orange, yellow and green.


What does each color indicate?

Red: Do not go out if it is not strictly necessary.

Orange: If you can, stay home.

Yellow: There are more activities but with caution.

Green: We can go out but with caution and prevention”.



The city of Puerto Escondido, located in the State of Oaxaca, is divided into two municipalities: Santa María Colotepec and San Pedro Mixtepec. This coastal paradise, as well as several neighboring towns and cities on the Oaxaca coast, are currently under a red light. This means that most of the tourist and economic activities are temporarily suspended, as well as access to the beaches.


However, there is hope! And we want to talk to you about it in this article.


Being divided into two different municipalities, Puerto Escondido, presents a particularity when applying these restrictive measures. The northern Municipality of San Pedro Mixtepec, where the Carrizalillo, Coral and Bacocho beaches are located, has decided not to close its beaches and continue with its activities, applying the corresponding prevention and care measures. Good news!



What to do in Puerto Escondido during the Covid then?

As we said before, the northern beaches: Carrizalillo, Coral and Bacocho, remain open to tourism and the general population. And what luck! Since they are one of the most beautiful beaches in the city of Puerto Escondido. The three are very different and in each one you can enjoy different activities.


Carrizalillo is an ideal beach to start surfing, if you haven’t considered it yet, this may be your chance. Due to the cliffs that surround its beach, it generates a contained and friendly swell to try your first steps on a board.


Bacocho is one of the longest beaches in Puerto Escondido, it is ideal for long walks along the seashore and exploring all its corners. In addition, in Bacocho you can carry out the release of baby sea turtles. This activity takes place every day at 5pm. It consists of an explanation by the turtle conservation organization that is located there, and then the newborn baby turtles are released, helping them to reach the sea, overcoming the dangers of the first steps of life.


Finally we have the Coral beach, which you can access by walking through Bacocho. It is one of the favorites of tourists since it is not usually very crowded, it has enough vegetation to cover the intense sun of Puerto and its calm sea allows long swimming sessions. If you are lucky, one of the oldest turtles that lives in that area may join you for a swim!


Another site that you can visit during the covid in Puerto Escondido is the Laguna de Manialtepec. There you can perform various activities such as the bioluminescence tour and explore the magic of luminous plankton, under the starry sky of Puerto Escondido.


Finally, when it comes to getting to know a new place, it is always advisable to go for a walk and let ourselves be carried away by our explorer instincts. Losing ourselves in the streets, knowing its corners, observing its vegetation, visiting its markets and connecting with local people are activities that you can do for free and in any circumstance, including at a red light. They will surely be one of the activities that evoke the most memories since that way is the best way we have to get into the culture of a place.


So now you know, you should not be discouraged by the situation, and here are our recommendations of what to do in Puerto Escondido during the covid.




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