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The Top 10 Nearby Beaches to Visit in Puerto Escondido

The Top 10 Nearby Beaches to Visit in Puerto Escondido

Hey there, fellow travelers! Sophia here, your guide to everything gorgeous and adventurous. Lend me your attention while I take you on a virtual tour along some stunning eastern Pacific coasts. Yes, it’s all about the nearby beaches of the beautiful Puerto Escondido! Immerse yourself in the beauty of these coastal paradises, where the golden sands meet the azure waters in a symphony of natural splendor.

Whether you are a beach bum, water adventure enthusiast, or simply someone who enjoys basking under the sun with a good book, these beaches have something to offer for every kind of beach-goer. From exhilarating surf spots to serene shores for peaceful relaxation, let’s dive into the diversity that makes each beach unique.


Zicatela Beach

Sandy Shores and Surf Spots

Known as the world’s Mexican Pipeline, Zicatela Beach is a paradise for surfers. However, its strong currents also make it a thrilling sight for those who just want to lounge and watch the waves. The beach’s vast sandy expanse provides ample room for sunbathers and beach volleyball enthusiasts, making it a lively spot for sports and leisure.


Carrizalillo Beach

Coastal Gems and Swimming

A hidden gem tucked away in a cove, Carrizalillo is one of those beaches with turquoise blue waters that are perfect for a swim or novice surfers. Its accessible yet secluded nature makes it an ideal spot for romantic getaways or tranquil solo retreats, where the only sounds are the gentle waves against the shore.


Bacocho Beach

Seaside Sunbath and Turtle Release

This stunning beach comes with an extra perk: witnessing the release of baby turtles into the sea at sunset. What better way to wrap up a fantastic day at the seaside? Bacocho’s wide, unspoiled sands offer a quiet escape from the hustle and bustle, ideal for those seeking a moment of reflection or meditation amidst nature’s beauty.


Playa Manzanillo

Escondido’s Beach Exploration

Located in a bay, Playa Manzanillo is super picturesque and offers calm waters for swimming. It’s a relaxing haven for families, with gentle waves perfect for children’s play and crystal-clear waters inviting snorkelers to explore the vibrant marine life below.


Playa Coral

Puerto’s Coastal Areas

Providing a tranquil atmosphere, Playa Coral is another one of Puerto Escondido’s beach gems catering to those who take delight in peaceful environments. Its secluded location makes it a preferred spot for meditative walks and yoga sessions by the sea, surrounded by the natural beauty of rock formations and lush vegetation.


Playa Roca Blanca

Puerto Escondido Coastlines

This beach is famed for its white rock formation, lending it the name Roca Blanca, or White Rock Beach. It’s truly a sight to behold! The contrast of the white rocks against the deep blue sea creates a picturesque backdrop for photographers and nature lovers alike, offering a unique landscape unlike any other in the region.


Puerto Angelito

Beached Near Puerto

A bustling beach dotted with restaurants and shops, Puerto Angelito has a fun vibe and has plenty for swimmers and divers. Its lively atmosphere is perfect for those looking to engage with local culture, offering a glimpse into the daily lives of the residents and the culinary delights that make Mexican cuisine renowned worldwide.


Playa Marinero

Escondido Surf Beaches

This beach hosts some of Escondido’s best surf schools. Its strategic location gives it the most picturesque sunset views too. Marinero’s friendly local community welcomes travelers with open arms, making it a great place to learn about the rich history and traditions of the area while catching some waves.


Playa Principal

Watersports in Escondido

Located in the heart of the town, Playa Principal is full of activities from boating to fishing and is a hit among the locals. This beach’s vibrant energy and bustling boardwalk offer a lively social scene, where music, laughter, and dance fill the air, inviting visitors to join in the local festivities.


Playa la Punta

Swimming in Escondido

Last but not least, Playa la Punta offers a perfect combination of good surf and chill vibes. Its laid-back atmosphere is complemented by rustic beach bars and hammocks strung between palm trees, providing a perfect escape for those looking to unwind and embrace the slow pace of beach life. The welcoming community of surfers and travelers from around the world adds to the charm of this beach, making it a melting pot of cultures and a place where stories and laughter are shared under the sun.

All this talk about beaches, waves, and the sun might have you wanting to pack your bags already. What can I say? Puerto Escondido and its nearby beaches have a charm that lures you in and makes you want to linger a little bit longer. The warmth of the sun, the cool of the waves, and the vibrant life both on and off the beach create an unforgettable tapestry of experiences. One thing’s for sure: the memories you make here, from the breathtaking sunsets to the exhilarating surf, will stay with you forever. See you on the beaches, where adventure and relaxation meet to offer something truly special.

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