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Sport fishing in Puerto Escondido

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Sport fishing in Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido is a city located on the coast of the State of Oaxaca, in the west of the Mexican country, on the Pacific Ocean. Before becoming one of the main tourist attractions in the Latin American country, Puerto Escondido was simply a fishing village. A small place with dirt and sand streets, the cradle of great fishermen. As the years passed, this place grew.

Then, in addition to being a town renowned for its fishing activity, it became a famous international surf spot. The third largest wave in the world was discovered, located on Zicatela Beach. In addition to people interested in fishing, visitors from all over the world began to arrive, lovers of surfing and big waves.

Today, Puerto Escondido is much more than a fishing and surfing town. It is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world. With a vast variety of tourist options to carry out, unparalleled beauty and sunsets that leave you speechless every day, this destination has managed to build a great reputation of international recognition.

However, its essence remains intact: Puerto is also still that fishing village famous for the abundance of fish found in its waters, near and far from the coast. Now the tourist activity has been combined with the traditional activity to create sport fishing experiences for tourists.




Sport fishing is the sporting activity related to the field of fishing. This is done on a personal level or in a team of people for leisure or competition. There are various techniques to perform it and there are also competitions that can be performed in rivers, lagoons, seashores and open seas.

When it is carried out in a sporting manner, it is managed by different regional and national fishing federations, which regulate the use of gear and gear, delimiting the catch quota and its size according to species, and even manage the use and activity of the different habitats.”*

It is important to note that sport fishing in Puerto Escondido is a tourist activity that follows the relevant regulations to care for and preserve the fish species that inhabit local ecosystems.

Being a coastal city, its several kilometers adorned with turquoise sea, are home to a wide variety of fish and marine animals that you can appreciate if you take the fishing tour. Generally this activity is done early in the morning, to return at noon.

Among the types of fish that can be found, the following stand out: snapper and red snapper as the most frequent species. In deeper areas, several kilometers from the coast, it is also common to run into species such as: goldfish, roosterfish, skipjack, sailfish, grouper and marlin. During the winter months that go from December to March, there is also an abundance of tuna.



An interesting feature that makes this activity in Puerto Escondido an attractive tour not only for people who love fishing but also for anyone who enjoys going into the sea, is the possibility of seeing dolphins, manta rays and whales. Going out to sea with the boat of the local fishermen, allows you to get closer to these marine animals that, although it is easy to see them from the coast, it is much more beautiful, to be able to observe them up close in the sea. An experience you will never forget!

Local fishermen know better than anyone the best places to find the different types of fish. In addition, they will explain the local techniques and uses to guarantee the effectiveness of fishing.




Another positive aspect of this experience is that, generally, the boats have a capacity for between 5 and 8 people, so you can take this tour with your family or friends and enjoy a unique activity together.

So if you decide to come on vacation to Puerto Escondido, don’t miss the opportunity to enter the sea with the best local fishermen to learn their most traditional techniques and enjoy a very special morning.

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