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Tulum or Puerto Escondido?

Tulum or Puerto Escondido?


Mexico is a tourist country and is among the main destinations chosen by travelers and tourists from all over the world, that’s a fact. Diverse landscapes, extensive kilometers of wonderful routes, mountains, beaches, calm waters, surfing, ruins, cenotes… And the list could go on. But, the big question that we are going to develop in this article and that keep the minds of many aspiring visitors thinking is: Tulum or Puerto Escondido?


Two destinations very different from each other but equally acclaimed by the public. One located on the coast of the Caribbean Sea, another located on the Pacific coast. Which one do you choose? Here we tell you the main characteristics of each one so that when choosing, you can have the best information.




Definitely one of the Mexican pearls. Tulum began its popularity well before Puerto Escondido, because the Caribbean has always had a special charm. Throughout these years, this place that mixes the wildness of its vegetation, with the mysteries of its ruins and the paradise of its beaches, has become one of the main tourist destinations for Americans and Europeans. Its top level “hippie chic” style has positioned itself as a beach place but with the elegance of one of the best places in the world.


Nature abounds, palm trees decorate every kilometer of its coast. The fine white sand is camouflaged between skins exposed to the sun and the turquoise and transparent sea, create the ideal environment to enjoy a well-deserved vacation.


Little by little, the main hotel chains and luxury restaurants have been gaining ground in this jungle paradise. This, perhaps, can mean a disadvantage for some and an advantage for others, depending on the style of travel that you like to do. Thus, a Hotel Zone was created where the top events of the Mexican Caribbean are held.


The center of Tulum is about 5 kilometers from the coast. This means that access to the beach is not direct. You must take a transport, either your own vehicle or rent a bicycle (the most chosen option by travelers who decide to stay in the center). The town is the cheapest area if your budget is not the highest. Now, if you have more than a few dollars to enjoy, you will definitely want to stay in the Hotel Zone. Here you’ll find the best restaurants and beach clubs, where different parties and celebrations are held every day.


If you like electronic music, you should know that Tulum has become a reference destination in the culture of rave parties and the best DJs in the world come year after year looking to make their audience dance between palm trees and tropical heat.


In addition, the surroundings of Tulum are truly a must if you decide to visit this place. Cenotes, ruins, and paradisiacal beaches surround the Caribbean to give you a complete experience of the best Mexican style. If you are planning a trip there, we recommend having a look at the best things to do in Tulum !


Puerto Escondido


Very different, but no less charming, on the opposite side of the North American country, Puerto Escondido stands out as the place with the most growth and development in recent years. At first, it used to be a destination chosen only by surfers since, on Zicatela beach, there is the third largest wave in the world and the so-called “Mexican pipeline“. But Puerto is more than just surfing. Its endless beaches, its rusticity and its good vibes create the perfect environment to spend a relaxing holiday.


Puerto Escondido is a much cheaper destination than the Caribbean and this attracts tourists from all over the world, not just Europeans or North Americans. The food of the state of Oaxaca (state where Puerto Escondido is located) is one of the best rated in Mexico.


An advantage to highlight is that the accommodations that are on the beach or a few meters away, are usually very accessible, so if you do not have a vehicle, you will not need it here. In any case, you will want to consider the option of renting a scooter to take advantage of your surroundings and not leave a single beach unexplored.


Although the Pacific Ocean is characterized by its large waves and intensity, there are beaches around the center that are bays where the sea is calm and even allows activities such as snorkeling or diving.


There are many activities that you can do in this beautiful place to get to know all its richness and enjoy its natural environment.


Surf, chill vibes, calm waters, accessibility, Puerto Escondido has it all. Definitely, one of the main places to take into account on your visit to Mexico.


So now you know, if you are spending money and you like the calm sea and the most elegant moves, you can consider visiting Tulum in the Caribbean sea. Now if your vibe is more relaxed and you prefer something more accessible, you can’t miss Puerto Escondido, the paradise of the Mexican Pacific.


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