Fishing Tour

Would you like to watch the sunrise from the water while learning about local fishing?

If you take a fishing tour in Puerto Escondido, you will be able to experience this and much more.

Like any coastal place, Puerto Escondido is an important fishing spot. Many of its local inhabitants come from fishing families and have dedicated their lives to this activity. They are people with experience not only in the technique but also in the knowledge of the local ecosystem. Due to the increase in tourists visiting this area, they have also decided to embark on the world of tourism.

The tour starts very early, before sunrise. It begins in the Bahía Principal where all the fishing boats are located. From there and together with an experienced fisherman, the journey to the interior of the Pacific will begin. Along the way, you will be able to appreciate the local marine life. Depending on the time in which you take the tour, it is a possibility that you will run into sea turtles, dolphins or even whales. Quite a show!

When the guide sees fit, he will stop at the best place to start fishing. Prior to this, the fisherman will instruct visitors about the fishing technique used in this area, the necessary precautions and care, as well as the biodiversity that they can find in the sea.

Once installed in the sea, they will enjoy the sunrise while waiting for a fish to bite the hook. If you learn quickly and pay attention, you may go home with a fresh lunch to cook and enjoy in good company.

In addition, you will have learned more about the local culture and customs of the inhabitants of Puerto Escondido. Tourist activities that require getting involved from an active place are usually very good for better understanding other people’s cultures and connecting with people from a closer and more humane place.

The fishing tour of Puerto Escondido is a good way to get to know and connect with the local culture, as well as to enjoy the incredible landscapes and wonderful marine animals.

The total duration of the tour is 3 hours and the fisherman will deliver you the catch of the day, so you can taste fresh and local food from the area.

“Very nice to see the sunrise from the sea, talk with Mario, the fisherman and learn about his customs. In addition, the fish collected is one of the richest that I have tasted to date. “

René, France

If you are interested in knowing how the locals live, enjoying a sunrise over the sea and learning about local fishing, you definitely cannot deprive yourself of taking the Puerto Escondido fishing tour.

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