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Best months to visit Puerto Escondido

Best months to visit Puerto Escondido

Did you know that the average temperature in Puerto Escondido is 27 ° C? Here it seems like summer all year round!

The climate of Puerto Escondido is warm and subhumid. This means that its seasons are not as marked as in other parts of the world. Here we distinguish more than anything between the dry seasons and the wet seasons. This last one, being the months of rain and intense storms.

Being located in a tropical area, in Puerto Escondido you will rarely feel cold. This can awaken your desire to travel to this destination in any month of the year. But be careful, you must inform yourself well on what dates to visit this place since not every month is recommended to spend a good vacation.

In Puerto Escondido you shouldn’t worry about the cold, but you should worry about the heat. During the months before the rains (wet season) it is usually very hot. If you are one of those who cannot stand high temperatures, then I recommend that you read this article well to know on what dates it is convenient for you to visit this Oaxacan paradise.

During the winter months, the rains are scarce and the temperature is usually warmer. During the day it is always very hot but, since there is not so much humidity, it can be tolerated as long as you remember to go for a swim into the sea regularly. 

When the sun goes down, the temperature usually drops a few degrees bringing freshness to the winter night. The winter and dry season months run from November to March. These are the most recommended months to visit Puerto Escondido. The temperature is ideal, the rains do not bother and there are still no significant presence of bugs.

The average temperature of the winter months is 29 ° C, rainfall is 5mm per month, and the water temperature is approximately 28 ° C.

At the end of March and entering the spring months, the temperature begins to rise and the heat becomes more intense. Moisture is also beginning to creep in, along with mosquitoes and flies. After Easter, it is considered the low season and tourism decreases, despite the increase in heat. The hottest months are April and May.

From June the rainy season begins. It usually rains every day, even for a little while, with June and September being the months with the highest rainfall. The good thing about the rains is that they decompress the heat of the previous months a bit and help feed the vegetation of the place. Without the rainy season, the plants and flowers of Puerto Escondido would not be the same!

The average temperature of the summer months is 33 ° C, rainfall can reach 169mm per month, and the water temperature is approximately 30 ° C.

As in any place with a tropical climate, during the rainy season there are usually strong storms that make the sea rise. While the best time to visit Puerto Escondido is during the winter months and the dry season, many choose the rainy and stormy months. You wonder why. The answer is the sea: for advanced surfers, the best time to come to the Pacific coast is in the summer since, due to large storms, the tide rises generating waves of up to 15 meters. This is where the term “Mexican pipeline” comes from, given to the famous Zicatela beach.

It depends on what you are looking to do in Puerto Escondido, it will be the time you choose to travel.

If you want to surf one of the best waves you can find and you are not bothered by the heat or the rain, then we recommend visiting Puerto Escondido in the summer months that go from May to September.

But, if you suffer a lot from the heat and prefer to rest in the sun, cooling off in the sea, the winter months that go from November to March are the best option to visit the beaches of this beautiful place.

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