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The Ultimate Guide to Puerto Escondido’s Best Beach Clubs: 2024 Edition

The Ultimate Guide to Puerto Escondido’s Best Beach Clubs: 2024 Edition

Hey, fellow adventurers, it’s Sophia, your go-to travel blogger! I recently embarked on an epic journey to explore the Puerto Escondido. Imagine lively atmospheres, stunning ocean views, and enthralling Mexican culture around every corner. With 2024 approaching fast, you’re not going to want to miss out on this guide!


A Deep Dive Into Beach Club Experiences

Puerto Escondido Nightlife

When it comes to nightlife, Puerto Escondido beach clubs are top-notch! From exotic cocktails under a starry sky to evening beachside lounges, the nightlife here effortlessly merges with the day-life for a seamless, fun-filled experience.


Top Beach Bars 2024

There are numerous beach bars to explore; each exuding a unique charm. However, the must-visits for 2024 include a selection of both chic and rustic offerings, serving up frothy margaritas, local brews, and Puerto Escondido.


Upscale Surf Spots in Puerto Escondido

The surf spots in Puerto Escondido are popular worldwide amongst surfers. Hitting the waves at sunrise followed by a hearty breakfast at one of the beach clubs is an exercise in pure bliss.


Comparing The Clubs

Escondido Beach Resorts 2024

From upscale luxurious resorts to quaint, family-run establishments, the beach resorts in Puerto Escondido cater to every kind of traveler. Whether you desire world-class amenities or a homely setting, you are sure to find your perfect match.


Mexican Beach Destinations

While there are plenty of Mexican beach destinations to select from, Puerto Escondido trumps them all! Its clubs offer the best party scene and a diverse food selection that is sure to satiate your tastebuds.


Oaxaca Beach Hangouts

When you’re in Oaxaca, the beachside hangouts are a must-visit! Puerto Escondido’s beaches offer an array of tantalizing choices for both day and night entertainment.


Advice For Your Club Visits

Escondido Seaside Dining

The seaside dining in Escondido’s clubs is truly an experience to remember! Delicious, authentic cuisine, coupled with breathtaking views – moments you are sure to cherish. Here is a list of the best beach clubs:

  1. Cactus: Known for its vibrant nightlife, especially on Monday nights, with electronic/dance music and a beach dancefloor.
  2. Chula: A beach club popular during the week with sand dance floors and affordable drinks.
  3. Xcaanda: Great for reggaeton and Latin music, offering VIP lounges.
  4. Cañabrava: A rooftop club with views over Zicatela Beach, transforming from a restaurant to a club on weekends.
  5. Mar & Wana: Hosts different guest DJs and parties on weekends.
  6. Piedra de la Iguana: Known for parties that last until early morning, particularly on Fridays and Saturdays.
  7. Coco-Nutz Beach Club: A relatively new spot located on Zicatela Beach, popular every day.
  8. El Origen Ocean Club: Set on Playa Palmarito, offering a pool, restaurant, bar, and kid’s zone.
  9. La Isla Beach Club: Offers a cozy venue with beach access, located at Playa Manzanillo.
  10. Bacocho Beach Club: Provides a resort-style experience with pools, a swim-up bar, and a fine dining restaurant​


2024 Beach Holiday Guide

To make your 2024 beach holiday unforgettable, consider my guide as your secret weapon. I’ve extensively explored the options, so you don’t have to. Get ready for a fantastic time in Puerto Escondido!


Cheers To Puerto Escondido

A Tale of Mexican Beach Clubs

From sunsets spent with cocktails in hand to nights full of dance and laughter, my journey through Puerto Escondido’s beach clubs has been unforgettable. The atmosphere, the food, the activities – it all comes together to create a magical Mexican tapestry.


A Call to Adventure

What are you waiting for? Pack your bags and let the adventure begin. Stay tuned for additional Puerto Escondido resulting in more blissful Mexican beach vacations. Your future travels are waiting to be painted with excitement and pleasure in Puerto Escondido, see you in 2024!

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