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How to Prepare for Horse Riding in Puerto Escondido: Beach vs Hot Springs

horseback riding puerto escondido

How to Prepare for Horse Riding in Puerto Escondido: Beach vs Hot Springs

Hello, friends! This will be quite an adventure today. I’ve always admired the majesty and elegance of horses and what better way to appreciate them than to ride one across the scenic landscapes of Puerto Escondido. This town, tucked into the coast of Oaxaca, Mexico, has so much to offer—from its vibrant culture to the breathtaking views. Today, we’re delving into horse riding Puerto Escondido, specifically at the beach and the hot springs. Hold your horses, this will be fun!


Ready to Saddle up?

Equipment and Safety

First things first, let’s talk about preparation. Whether you’re a seasoned equestrian or a beginner, horseback riding in Puerto Escondido demands certain preparation. You need to be balanced, focused and agile. Invest in quality riding gear—think sturdy footwear, riding pants and not to forget, a helmet for your safety on the Puerto Escondido trails.


A trot alongside the Tides

Embracing the Beach Ride

Nothing quite compares to the thrill of beach horse riding in Puerto Escondido. Picture this: the rhythmic trotting of your horse matches with the distant beat of crashing waves while an orange-pink sunset paints the sky. Don’t worry about the sand; horses have a good grip and control. Just remember, early morning or late evening would be the best time for this oceanview trail ride to avoid peak sun hours.


Maneuvering the Magma

Riding to the Hot Springs

Now for the unique charm of hot springs riding in Puerto Escondido. These thermal waters along the grand hills of Puerto Escondido will leave you amazed. Both you and your horse can enjoy the therapeutic warmth. Unlike the beach, here the terrain can be slightly slippery, so take slow, measured steps.


Wrapping up the Horseplay

Your Horseback Gateway to Mexico

I’ll keep it short and sweet: both experiences were a rollercoaster! The rush of coastal horse tours contrasted nicely with the tranquility of the hot springs ride. Each had its own challenges and yet, the feeling of navigating stunning landscapes on a beautiful animal was unbeatable.


Your Turn

I hope my horse riding experiences in Puerto Escondido can inspire your own tropical equestrian journey. Trust me, whether it’s the beach or the hot springs, both are unforgettable. So saddle up, adventurers, and let the magic of Puerto Escondido take the reins!

horseback riding puerto escondido


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