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Have you ever wondered what the colors of sunrise or sunset look like in the water? If you take the SUP and kayak tour in the Laguna de Manialtepec, located near Puerto Escondido, you will be able to get the answer.

The Manialtepec Lagoon is 18 kilometers from Puerto Escondido, in the State of Oaxaca. It is a coastal lagoon, this means that at certain times of the year (rainy season) the sand barrier breaks and there is an intersection with the sea. This phenomenon feeds the lagoon with salt and freshwater, generating a strange but fascinating combination.

The extension of this oasis of calm water is 15 kilometers. One of its main attractions are the mangroves that unfold around the lagoon. These trees play a fundamental role in the conservation of coastal ecosystems and that is why they are highly valued by locals and visitors who come to these areas. In addition, the Manialtepec lagoon is a perfect area for watching birds, fish and other animals that stay there. There are more than 20 different species of birds that reside or remain in the Lagoon for different periods of time. For example, many birds come from Canada to spend the winter in the calm water of Manialtepec.

One of the main attractions of the lagoon and the one that attracts the greatest number of people to this tourist spot is the presence of luminous plankton. Plankton is a living being that, by carrying out a certain chemical reaction inside, produces light. It generates intermittent flashes of light that are activated by movement. This results in the famous bioluminescence. This phenomenon can be observed at night and with little artificial light. The best way to experience the magic of bioluminescence is by swimming in the lagoon. There are many options to do this activity. One of them is to take the bioluminescence tour by boat and another is to rent a board to do SUP or kayak.

An excellent way to get to know the Laguna de Manialtepec is to take the SUP or kayak tour. This tour consists of renting a SUP board (stand up paddle) or a kayak and flow with the course of the water. For 2 hours you will be able to enter the corners of this calm water spring, discovering all its wonders: vegetation, birds, marine animals, landscapes, among others.

The best times to appreciate all that the lagoon has to offer are sunrise and sunset. With your paddle board or your kayak, you can enjoy the magical colors of the skies of Puerto Escondido, in the water. A pacifying experience!

“Practicing a little exercise and appreciating the riches of the Laguna de Manialtepec from inside the water with the sky reflecting wonderful colors, is one of the most beautiful experiences I had in my visit to Puerto Escondido.”

Colin, Canada.

Sometimes the intense pace of the city can overwhelm us a bit. In those moments it is necessary to have a place where we can go to calm down and re-balance our mind and body. The Laguna de Manialtepec is the perfect place for this. Just a few minutes from the intensity of Puerto Escondido, you have a different option to get to know other precious corners of this Mexican paradise.

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