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Free activities to do in Puerto Escondido

Free activities to do in Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido is a beautiful place on the coast of the State of Oaxaca that still retains its rusticity and simplicity, despite being a popular tourist destination. There are many activities that you can do with little or nothing money to get to know this place well and enjoy everything it has to show.

The energy of Puerto Escondido, added to the warmth of its people, make it an interesting tourist destination to explore. Although there are very interesting tours and activities that you can take advantage of, here we want to provide you with information about the free activities you can do in Puerto Escondido.


First of all, Puerto has many beaches (all beautiful and different from each other) that you can access without having to pay money. It is important to make this clarification since, in many other places in Mexico, you must pay to enter the beach. Luckily, Puerto Escondido still has its public beaches for everyone to enjoy.

Very close to the center is the Main Bay, where you will find the heart of Puerto with its thousands of boats and its calm water. To the left are the popular little beaches of Manzanillo and Puerto Angelito. Both ideal for snorkeling and connecting with the local culture.

Further from the center, in the Rinconada area, is the famous Carrizalillo beach (one of the most beautiful in Puerto Escondido). You can access it for free by descending the ladder to enter. Also ideal to get into surfing if you are wanting to learn this sport.

Other recommended and very beautiful beaches to visit on the same walk are the Bacocho and Coral beaches. They are attached and you can access both by walking along the beach. Bacocho is more extensive and its sea is more dangerous, ideal for a long walk by the sea. Coral beach has less intense waves and is ideal for swimming.

Going down to the south, the Zicatela beach is located with its 3 km of extension. Zicatela is famous for its big waves and its surf culture. At the end of this beach you will find the area of ​​La Punta de Zicatela, quieter and with many options to enjoy.

Hikes and walks

If we talk about free activities to do anywhere, it is impossible not to mention the walks. If you have two legs and you can use them, this is one of the most recommended activities to get into the culture of a new place and get to know everything that is offered.

In addition to the fact that walking is good for our health, activating our whole body and mind, it also allows us to guide our own rhythm and venture along paths or roads that attract our attention.

One of the most beautiful walks you can do in Puerto Escondido is from La Punta to La Barra.

To access the beach that is behind the other side of the rocks, you will have to take a walk of about 20 minutes, go up the cliff a little, to go down again through the area of ​​the rocks. You can continue the path skirting the rocks between the beaches that are there.

This path is wonderful as it allows you to go up or down, climb the rocks, stay on the beaches or climb for unparalleled panoramic views.

We recommend doing this walk very early in the morning, or near sunset to enjoy it from above.

Another walk that you can take from La Punta is to the other end of Zicatela Beach to the Las Tortugas viewpoint. It will take you about 30 minutes, and you can go touring the different areas of the beach, admiring the waves and the surfers who are practicing there. You can finish watching the sunset from the small hill called Mirador Las Tortugas, before reaching the Main Bay.

One last beach walk that we can recommend is from Manzanillo Beach to Puerto Angelito Beach. There is a path that runs along the sea and connects both beaches. Ideal to get to know both beaches on the same day!

After sunset, the lights come on, people come out and the noise of the chelas begins to notice. The perfect time to go for a walk and explore the ornate streets of Puerto Escondido. Two beautiful places to walk at night are: La Punta and El Adoquín. Both are decorated in the best beach and local style.

In La Punta you will find different bars and restaurants, each with its own particular style, framed by dirt streets and the smell of the sea.

In the center, you will find the Adoquín area (the oldest in Puerto Escondido). It was the first paved area of ​​the place. That is why it preserves the most traditional and local. If you want to absorb the local culture, the walk along El Adoquín is a must.

Finally, we recommend you stroll through the local markets. In Puerto Escondido there are 2: the main market that is in the center; and, the Zicatela market, which is located in Zicatela. Both are very cute and allow you to connect with the locals.

As you walk through the downtown market, you will be able to appreciate typical foods, local products and the most traditional smells and colors.

The Zicatela market will surprise you with its location. Being in height and on the beach of Zicatela, you can see the ocean, the horizon and its extensive beaches. On the front facing the sea, you will find different gastronomic options to conclude your walk and recharge.

There are many free activities to do in Puerto Escondido. So you know, if you have a tighter budget, that does not prevent you from knowing this wonderful place.

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