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Have you ever dreamed of the sensation of flying over paradisiacal beaches?If you visit Puerto Escondido, you can make that dream come true by taking a skydiving tour.Skydiving is the technique that involves launching people or objects from an airplane at a certain height, using a parachute to cushion and control the fall. This activity generally begins with a free

Have you ever wondered what the colors of sunrise or sunset look like in the water? If you take the SUP and kayak tour in the Laguna de Manialtepec, located near Puerto Escondido, you will be able to get the answer.The Manialtepec Lagoon is 18 kilometers from Puerto Escondido, in the State of Oaxaca. It is a coastal lagoon, this

The term mezcal comes from the Nahuatl mexcalli: ‘cooked maguey’. The maguey or agave is a typical Mexican plant. Mezcal as an alcoholic beverage is obtained from the distillation of the heart of the maguey. It can be reproduced in nine different states of the country. It is one of the traditional and most typical drinks of the state of

If you visit Puerto Escondido during the months of November to March you can take a tour to see the whales in their natural habitat.In these months the whales make their return migration route to the north and it is possible to observe them from the paradisiac Puerto Escondido, in the Pacific Ocean.Whale watching is the practice of whale observation

Puerto Escondido is a small coastal city located in the State of Oaxaca, Mexico. It overlooks the Pacific Ocean and is one of the most popular destinations chosen by tourists from both Mexico and other parts of the world. In addition, it is a renowned surf spot, so many surfers come year after year to enjoy the great waves found

One of the most common questions heard when someone mentions that they are traveling to Mexico is whether it is a safe country or how to move without fear.First of all, it must be clarified that the definition of whether a place is safe or not is quite subjective and relative to the personal experience that each person has had.

Did you know that coffee is one of the 3 most consumed beverages in the world?The vast majority of adults, regardless of their social class, culture or economic position, like coffee.Coffee is a drink that is obtained from the coffee tree. Its fruits are ground and roasted and thus the famous coffee bean is obtained.There are different ways and times

 Yoga is a traditional physical and mental discipline that originated in India. The word yoga comes from Sanskrit and means "union". It is a practice that connects the body, the breath and the mind. This practice uses physical postures, breathing exercises, and meditation to improve overall health.Practicing yoga and leading a life in accordance with the principles of this discipline



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