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Can you imagine a walk through what was once an airstrip? Well, you can make it happen if you visit the Rinconada neighborhood in Puerto Escondido.


Before Puerto Escondido became one of the popular tourist destinations par excellence, it was simply a fishing village. With very few inhabitants and an airstrip that is not known if it was ever actually used as such. Little by little and as it developed, Puerto grew as one of the preferred tourist spots for both the local community and foreign visitors.


The town became a city and today it expands north to the subdivision of Bacocho and south to La Barra de Colotepec. In the middle there are many neighborhoods and subdivisions that are developing their personal imprint.


The Rinconada neighborhood has positioned itself as one of the favorites for tourists, especially foreigners. It is located a few blocks past the center, and is oriented towards the coast. It is located in a high area so the views of the houses are usually very nice.


carrizalillo bay


Its popularity lies mainly in being the subdivision that houses one of the most beautiful beaches in Puerto Escondido: Playa Carrizalillo. To access this beautiful paradise you must descend a staircase of approximately 170 steps. The problem is not descending but ascending! But without a doubt, it is worth it.


Little by little, what was an airstrip became a very beautiful boulevard with trees and plants in the middle. The sidewalks were filled with restaurants, shops and businesses that saw their opportunity due to its proximity to Carrizalillo beach.


Among the main commercial premises that can be found in this area, restaurants serving local and traditional food stand out, such as El Cafecito or Turtle Bay. But there are also renowned luxury restaurants and signature cuisine such as Omara or Almoraduz. The option of the typical Italian pizza is always present and also now you can find typical Arab food or sushi and oriental food restaurants. If you are a big drinker you can also visit the Puerto Brew craft brewery to taste the best craft beers.


But eating delicious food is not the only thing you can do on your walk through this peculiar neighborhood. There are also clothing stores and souvenir shops. The best clothing brands have a presence on this boulevard.


Likewise, art is present in this famous subdivision, through the Metxcalli art gallery and the different artistic spaces that are set up in commercial premises, such as the fairs hosted by the El Nene restaurant.


Another interesting aspect of this part of Puerto Escondido is the presence of gyms, spaces to practice crossfit, yoga centers, and spaces to practice acrobatics.


Can it be said that Rinconada offers it all? Of course! Everything and with the best taste and unparalleled beauty.


Definitely, at least a walk through Rinconada is a must on your visit to Puerto Escondido.



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