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Manzanillo beach and Puerto Angelito


Although Puerto Escondido is a destination mostly known for its big waves and its surfer culture, it also hides many other attractions that include other types of activities and beaches that do not have big waves, where the sea looks like a swimming pool.


Where are those beaches with crystal clear water and calm waves?


Well, there are several deployed along the coast of the territory that Puerto Escondido occupies in the state of Oaxaca. Here we will tell you about two that are next to each other: Playa Manzanillo and Playa Puerto Angelito.


These beaches are linked by a coastal corridor that allows passage between one and the other, bordering the sea. It is a very beautiful path as it allows you to appreciate the different landscapes between the two beaches.



Puerto Angelito


Puerto Angelito is the second most popular beach for fishermen and boats, after Bahía Principal. The boats that carry out the tour usually leave from there to go see whales, dolphins and turtles. You can also get boats there to take you fishing and teach you everything you need to fish like a true local.


In addition, access to this beach is easy and you can go in your own car or on foot. There is parking and spaces to leave your vehicle. If you go by public transport you must get off on the main road and then walk for about 10 minutes.


Finally, this beach also has a variety of gastronomic options and food places where you can enjoy and relax under the shade. The sites have lounge chairs and parasols to make your day at the beach a true day of vacation rest.


Manzanillo Beach


Following the path that borders the sea, you arrive at Playa Manzanillo. You can also access this beach through its separate entrance, but, unlike Puerto Angelito, it does not have its own parking lot. It is also easily accessible and you can go by public transport, get off on the main road and access it on foot for about 10 minutes of walking.


This beach is ideal for lovers of snorkeling and diving. The places that offer the diving service usually carry out the activity on this beach and its surroundings. The main attraction lies in the amount of coral that hides near the cliffs that border this calm bay. Whether it is for diving or snorkeling, the variety of fish and colors will leave you totally amazed.


Being a calm bay and not having boats that come and go, it is ideal for swimming and getting into the crystal clear water.


Just like its sister beach, Manzanillo also offers a variety of gastronomic offers and places with lounge chairs and parasols to shelter from the sun while enjoying a delicious cocktail.


Both beaches are ideal to visit with the family due to their calm sea and easy access. As they are small bays and have several places to eat around, it is advisable to visit them early in the morning to avoid the large numbers of people who usually visit these beaches.


A 2 for 1 worth knowing on your way through Puerto Escondido!


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