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El Adoquín


If we talk about traditional places, we can not fail to name the number 1 of Puerto Escondido: El Adoquín. Cobblestone is called the type of rock that covers the pavement. The real name of this street is Perez Gasga, but nobody knows it as such.


Before Puerto Escondido became one of the main tourist attractions in Mexico, it was simply a fishing village. The streets were mostly dirt and pavement did not yet exist. Little by little, the city grew and the need to pave the streets was seen to guarantee a better flow of cars and transport in the area. The Main Bay, where the fishing boats and the most popular beach are located, used to be the busiest area of ​​Puerto Escondido. That is why Perez Gasga Street was one of the first to be paved. The material with which the street was created is cobblestone (adoquín in spanish) and that is where its name comes from.


Currently, tourism has diversified towards different areas of the city such as La Punta, Zicatela or Rinconada. However, the area of ​​El Adoquín is still highly visited by tourists. It is known as the most popular and traditional street in Puerto Escondido.


During the day, it works normally with vehicle traffic like any other street. But at night, it becomes pedestrianized, thus promoting the tourist walk. Starting at 5 in the afternoon, artisans from Mexico come with their crafts and products to set up their tables on the cobblestone and display their products for sale. Most of the objects they offer are souvenirs, clothes and typical Oaxacan handicrafts. In addition, street musicians and some other artistic intervention join the tourist show.


But street art is not the only thing that floods the cobblestone meters. There is also a variety of restaurants and bars that offer their gastronomic services to all types of public. Local, regional and international food like the famous Italian restaurants. For lovers of billiards, there are bars that have tables to play and there are also bars with karaoke. Young people are the ones who stay up later in the area taking advantage of the clubs that are there.


Although most of the tourists that visit this part of Puerto Escondido are local tourists (from Mexico), it is also attractive for foreign tourists who are interested in learning about the local culture.


El Adoquín not only offers entertainment. If you need it you can also find ATMs, pharmacies and groceries.


As for accommodation options, there are several hotels in the Adoquín area at very affordable prices to stay. However, if you are a person who seeks tranquility, you may want to choose an accommodation that is a little further from the cobblestones. On the other hand, if you are visiting for a weekend and you like to party and your budget is not very high, then the El Adoquín area will be your place to stay.


The walk through El Adoquín is, without a doubt, one of the must-see walks in Puerto Escondido to experience the local culture, buy typical handicrafts and enjoy a famous bucket (bucket with five beers) playing billiards with family or friends.



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