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Welcome to the main bay, a bay protected from the waves, located a few meters north of Zicatela beach. This is the main and only marina in Puerto Escondido.


It is approximately 500 meters long and its width varies between 40 and 80 meters depending on how high the tide is or the time of year.


This beach is mainly known for being the parking lot for all the fishing boats and the boats for whale, dolphin, turtle watching tours. Being sheltered by the pier on the right side, facing the sea, it is safe from the intense waves that characterize its neighboring beach, Zicatela. This dock was created so that fishermen can circulate without inconveniences.


The main bay is the ideal place to go for fresh fish. Every day, before noon, dozens of fishermen arrive at the bay with the fresh catch of the day to sell to the highest bidders. By buying fresh fish that just came out of the sea, you will be supporting local businesses and their economy. In addition to taking home a delicious and nutritious meal to share with the family.


In this area there are also traditional fish and seafood restaurants of Puerto Escondido. An ideal plan: enjoy a delicious meal observing the view of the entire Zicatela beach!


The main bay is also chosen by many locals who accompany their families to fish or sell fish. In addition, by presenting a calm sea without danger, it is ideal for bathing with the family without risk.


On the other hand, you can also visit the main bay to hire some of the tourist services that are offered. The offers are varied and include from sport fishing tours, to whale, dolphins, turtles and manta rays watching tours. It is also possible to hire a private service to visit the surrounding beaches and practice snorkel.


Another attraction of the Bay is the path that begins there, to the right facing the sea, which runs along the coast between cliffs and rocks. It is really beautiful and you can go along the coast until you reach the different nearby beaches. Its views are incredible. Extra tip: full moon nights are special to go see the moon rise behind the mountains, from this coastal path.


Finally, it is important to mention its proximity to the center of Puerto Escondido and the Adoquín area, which make this main bay an accessible and comfortable beach to visit.



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